bahamas day four

i survived davy jones locker and become a pirate of the caribbean.

well not really. it's just that i other then this trip i have never really dived ship wreaks and today we dove a huge one! today's dive blew yesterdays out of the water. well the whole day did really.  we woke up and it was warm and the sun was out. well it has to be for today was my mom's birthday. she woke up to a surprise of balloons and a rose. then we were off on the bus again to stuart cove's. im not sure if i mentioned this yesterday but he is they guy that helps when hollywood needs and underwater scene in a movie. his movie credits include flipper, jaws, splash (one of my faves),  casino royale, pirates of the caribbean,  and the world is not enough. not that it matters for our diving purposes but it's just kinda fun to know.

our first location was the heineken wall. they warned us that the water was super choppy and it was. i was super quick jumping of into the water from the boat due to the fact i was starting to feel a little sea sick and didn't want to spend one min more on the boat. for the dive you start off at 40 feet and the wall drops down to about 6,000 and something. we mainly stayed at around 60-80. the current was super strong and we fought it for the first half. that was a work out! this was a really nice coral wall that seemed to keep going and going. some really cool things i saw on this dive were a huge lobster, a really big grouper, and tones of reef sharks!

our next site was called willaurie wreck  which is a natural sunken ship, not sunk for scuba purposes. it's used in movies every so often. it was kinda funny, it was used for a bollywood film about a year and a half ago and they left a few skulls on the ship. well movie prop skulls i mean. that's why i was joking about davy jones locker and the whole pirate thing..........

 i have no clue what kind of fish this is above

these lion fish are everywhere! i have never seen so many!

when we surfaced it was like a different day then when we dove. well we had been down there for almost on hour for the second dive. when we came up it was raining and they whole sky was gray. that water was super choppy. the boat sped back to to the dive shop. it was about a fifteen min ride and by the time we got the the sun was out and it was warm again.   

when we got back to our hotel it was right of to the beach. to my joy the waring flag was not up today. the water looked clammier and clearer and generally prettier then it had the past few days.  i finally got to take a kayak out and kayaked around for about an hour while my parents napped on the beach.  

later in the evening we got ready to go out for my mom's birthday dinner. i had spent the past few days trying to find a good place here for dinner. so far we have been a little disappointed the the very expensive and not that good food. i wanted my mom's birthday dinner to be wonderful. i was debating between a really expensive french restaurant, a place on the beach and compass point. compass point won out. the other places were much fancier but has really mixed reviews. a lot of reviewers said they were really disappointed. compass point had great reviews. mainly for being off the beaten path and for serves. a lot of places i have been to here i almost feel like they really don't like us tourists. well how ever really does but you play nice right? especially when it's your biggest source of income for the country. i mean i have had jobs where i work with tourists and it can be kind frustrating but i was never mean! ok enough... so we went to compass point and it was super cute! i kept thinking that this would have been the kind of place k and i would stay in. it's not really a hotel but they have little painted cute cabins that are on the coast. they have a tiny little pool and not much of a beach but i don't think i would need much more. i haven't even set foot in any of the three hung pools we have at the hotel we are staying in. it's really bare bones and kinda far from other things but super super cute. also the people were really really nice.

it felt the closest thing to bahamian as i have see so far. they serve more traditional local food with a few international dishes mixed in. my parents food seemed to be pretty good... mine was so so.. but i didn't care. the dining room is up on a cliff just over the ocean and it was really pretty. they came out with drums and junkaroo looking hats dancing and singing happy birthday to my mom and i think that made our night.

    i didn't take that pic, we were there at night, but i wanted to show you all how cute the little cabins are. that' what the whole place looks like. lots of stone paths and little carvings and decorative glass and plants and bright colors!

i hope my mom had a great birthday. this is the first one in a long time i have actually had a chance to celebrate with her. they are usually out of town and not with me! i had a great day and am happy to be catching some sun and spending some time with my family.

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