bahamas day one

two things i learned today... one i am a typical american and not use to walking. two don't assume your first impression is the way things really are. 

back to number one. man my caffs hurt! i remember going through this the first few weeks in italy when i was walking 30 min to class each way. i am just not use to walking. i mainly ride my bike.

lets start form the beginning and i will get to explaining number two.

i had a crazy crazy work week between my both jobs. so crazy that i was still frantically packing after work when i was supposed to be on a train to meet k in etown at blind faith . i finally got of the metra train by my parents at 10:30 and was up till midnight finishing laundry. then we were up at 3:45 to go and catch our 7 am flight out.

we stopped over in ny, well almost ny and then off we went again. it was pretty painless.
we arrived at the hotel and my dad go us on upgrade to a really nice sweet since he is a platnim member form all the traveling he does for work. the view is amazing.

it's a little cooler then i thought it would be around 75. i want it hot! not to many people are swimming. im a little happy that my wet suit is thick or i would freeze diving! by they way of the bahama islands this island is tiny and really cute!      

my dad and i found out where there nearest grocery store was and it was about a 15 min walk away. so we walked there. i was very excised to buy lot's of tropical fruit and juices and things. i was a little surprised to see things like burger king and subway and even a starbucks on the way. when we got to the store called city mart my heart sank. it felt like i had waked into a jewel-osco or something. lots of highly processed american foods at three times the cost. their fruit section had just a few apples that looked like they were going bad and the veggie section was even worse! i could not even scrape together a salad. my dad and i quickly realized that we were going to have to find a restaurant, go get my mom, and go out to eat.

we bought i few things including chocolate soy milk, which i was very surprised and amused they had seeing as how they did not have regular soy milk. on the walk back i went into a rant to my dad about how the worst american values are spreading around the world. you have to understand that i have a slightly romanticized view of the world outside the states. when i lived in florance every little block had it's own little grocery store with extremely fresh food with little that was processed. i would on my walk swing in and pick up fresh fixings for dinner. there were also fresh fruit carts and other merchants all around. the food was amazing and kept the culture and beauty of the traditions of the area.  k and i have been doing much of the same in terms of the dill pickle food co-op located around the corner from k's place. we swing in by local organic fresh ingredients for whatever we are wiping up that night and are off.

i am not a fan of strip malls and big box and depressing grocery stores that i feel don't even sell really food. this is the first time i really encounters a store like this in the caribbean.

while we waited for my mom to changed i was looking at this welcome book out hotel room. it's quite a nice book really and hard cover and everything and contained lots of information about the island. as i filliped a page i saw all these rare fruit that they wrote cart merchants will be selling fruit i never have heard of in my life. i kept flipping to read about things to do in the main city of nassau and read about huge open air food markets. i lit up like a holiday tree! i can't wait to go and explore the city.

looking at the map i realized that we were a good way's away from it and in mainly a hotel district.

i guess being in the hotel district would account for such a store. i really really can't wait to go and explore the city tomorrow!

so the three of us set out and walked about 15 min to the restaurant and had a nice dinner. it's really quite nice to spend some time with my parents. i don't get to see them as much as i would like. then we walked back and i got to work on this... however i feel like i should be massaging my aching calf's!

if all goes right tomorrow we will be up at 7 am, go to the fitness center, then go to the beach where i plan on doing some kayaking. after luch we will head out to the city and explore and have dinner there. i really wish i could spend the whole day there. i also wanted to check out the art museum but the p's don't seem to into it. we will see what wonders tomorrow will bright. ill try to make some amazing images for you.    

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  1. it's beautiful! But don't blow away!!! Hope your day int he city was all you'd hoped for. Kisses.