bahamas day three

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surprisingly when i woke up at six thirty this morning my calf's had fully recovered!

we got picked up at eight am by a bus filled with scuba divers and snorkelers on our way to stuart cove's.  it was about a forty min bus ride through the width of the island to the other side to all the dive sites. lush forest and really nice looking hoses whisked past the bus window as we drove by. it was really nice to get to drive and see some more of the island.  we did two dive today the first one was at iron forest and the second was at mike's reef. iron forest was all ship wreaks and mike's reef was a really nice coral reef. my mom and i were pretty cold when we were done with the dive. the weather here has been surprisingly cold!  

after seeing the image above my dad pointed out to me that it was probably not the smartest place to be sitting near a sting ray. it would have been much smarter to sit by it's face. i guess im pretty lucky they are so use to divers.


we meet a really nice lady that my dad of course talked to about skiing. i find a surprising number of divers ski also. she had been diving all over the world and said that india was some of the best. i asked her questions about costa rica due to the fact that k and i are planing on going there really soon. also she told me that she goes diving off the oregon state cost in a 7mm suit. i have never been in water that cold but she was telling me that oregon state diving is pretty cool. i never knew.

oh the little grill stand they had at the diving place had vegan burgers! imagine that! it wad pretty darn good too!

when we got back my mom and i were still freezing so we went to go sit in the outdoor hot tube for a while. it was packed. after warming up went to go lay ( well my mom laid i walked) on the beach. however it was kinda cold and we didn't last out there to long.

my dad and i walked back to the city mart for some nuts (my mom really wanted some) and some razer blades.  no calf pain! there was still no fruit and a guy that worked there suggested we took a cab to the next grocery store down and they would have some. It would have been about a 10 min cab ride. my dad and i figured we would skip that and just walked back to our hotel.

for dinner we went to moso who's head chef is david lenng and had been featured in some tourist booklets i had. at fist when we arrived we were a little under impressed. the huge koi and dragon muarle was pretty cool. when the food arrived that all changed for it was all quite good. for my main cores i had a wonderful green curry which was probably the most flavorful thing i have eaten since arriving. i was suprised that they had a few things that were vegan for me to choose from. i should really write something up in a vegan travel site cuz i didn't see much of anything in terms of vegan food on travel sites before we came. i also took some pics of my mom's food although not vegan they were plated really nicely.

  my poor mom looks so sleepy in this pic!

once again the hours have escaped from me and it is much later then it should be! we need to be up early again for diving tomorrow and to start my mom's birthday celebrations!

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  1. Guess where else is great for diving? Thailand!!! =)
    Your underwater pics are amazing.