bahamas day two

if i thought my calf's hurt yesterday i have turned them into spaghetti today!

i woke up feeling horrible. like sore throat really bead head ache horrible. it's just like me to be the only person in the whole wide world that would catch a cold while on vacation in the tropics. it's the wind i swear... or maybe the ac and walking bear foot on a cold stone floor.

it probably didn't help that i had stayed up till two am finishing the book i was reading. so needless to say when my mom came to wake me up at six am (granted she thought it was seven and her watch was wrong) to go to the fitness center there was no way i was going. sadly no running for me this morning. i finally got up at nine thirty had some oatmeal and my dad and i made our way's down to the beach where my mom was.

i can't sit still on a beach. i want to swim and run around and explore. im really not the work on my tan type. i got my mom up and we walk around for a while and picked up some sea shells.

ok so just to let you know that wave totally caught me unaware and i find the photo really funny

so i have mentioned i really wanted to do some kayaking yes?  well today was not my day. the wind was to high. they kayak guy jokingly told me that if i took a kayak out i would end up in florida! hopefully tomorrow after we come back form diving. 
so being able to sit still no longer i pulled my reluctant mother off the white sand beach. i wanted to go to the city of nassau and explore. i wanted fruit. i was on a mission. that really amazing bahama's book provided by the hotle has these glossy colered pages of fruit i have never heard of: sugar apples, soursop, sapodillas, guineps, and hog plumes.  

we caught the number 10 bus. i must say that they have buses running all the time and it's just $1.25 a ride. we got to the down town in short order. i had heard about the straw market and saw it immediately on arrive so i ran of with my parents in tote. it was cramped with small ales and lot's and lot's of sellers. it is called the straw market for the hand made strap goods that they have. the straw goods were really nice. however a lot also sold knock of hand bags and purses and things that i could find at my hotel gift shop.  we made one big sweep through and were out. it was a nice market to see.

after that we went to go walk around the down town to see if i could find some fruit. also i was hoping to some hope get my p's to go to the art museum with me. we soon realized that everything was closed! well everything but the bars. we ask a local guy where i could get some fruit. he told us that there was a market under the bridge to paradise island  that had fruit. i was so excited. he told us he would drive us there for 4 dollars a person. i figured how far could the bridge be? um well it was pretty far! im not sure how long we walked but i think about 45 min.


i stopped a lady and told her i heard there was a fruit market under on of the bridges and if she happened to know where it was. she told us that we had to cross the bridge to the paradise island side and then sweep down under. so we crossed the bridge on foot.

soon we came to find that there was no fruit today, it was sunday after all. since we were on the paradise island side we figured we would go check out the atlantis. the fist thing we came to was a huge marina that we of course had to walk around. the yacht parked in this marina  were unlike any i have ever seen before they were so nice.we soon came to the atlantis marina town which was super cute with lot's of shops (mainly super high end jewlery and watches and hand bags) restaurants and little snack stops.

after a short rest we walked into one of the hotel buildings. it happened to be the one with the casino in it. i asked a lady how to get to the indoor aquarium and we were soon on our way through all the splendor to it. let me stop here and just tell you that i have never been to a hotel as nice and amazing as this. when we can to the aquarium our jaws dropped. they have a replica of what atlantis would look like sunk into this aquarium. we walked through passageways made to look like we were waling through an archeological site of a dig and the aquarium was all around us. lobsters were crawling on the ceiling. it was amazing and well worth the walk.          

ok im not one hundred percent sure about this but i think some of these sea horses changed colors like chameleons. they were amazing. 

then i was off to see the dolphin cay, it was closed but we could still see some of the dolphins swimming around. i squeal  like a little kid. we spent some more time walking around. all of our lets hurt so bad! my mom was making jokes about how we would not be able to kick our fins the next day. it was all worth it though. the atlantic truly felt like paradise with pools and falls and fountains and art and lily ponds and bridges and tropical flowers and you name it. it was quite something. they even have a whole indoor water park and a huge lazy river around the whole area where you can just float in inter tubes. they have ten's of restaurants including one with iron chef bobby flay as the owner, their own amazing night club, a comedy club, a movie theater, and a concert hall where people like the jonan brothers, sheryl crow, and fergie have played. it's really all quite remarkable. 

we caught a cab back to our hotel and had a nice dinner on the back deck. there were some kittens running around that had been born there. this one reminded me of a young thin mamma kitty.

i don't know how it's midnight  already! im off to bed. need to be up for diving early tomorrow. good night all!

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  1. Are you ever going to let your parents have a relaxing day at the beach instead of running all over the place? They're going to need another vacation when they get home. Lol!