A Brif Walk in Brighton

today made me wonder. if my parents would have made slightly different decisions and i were a different me would i like that person? would i have attained the same outlook, value system, level of happiness. would i live on brighton beach?

now mind you, i actually like brighton beach. whats there not to like? the board walk is well kept, the ocean is salty, the sun set is lovely, and the produce is fresh and cheap. i over all have a calmer more composed demeanor when i near a body of water. my mom likes to tell me that when i was a baby and i would cry they would sick me in the bath tub and the water would calm me right down. maybe this is because i am a fire sign.

anyways i degress. when i found out i was coming to new york i asked my parents, somewhat to their astonishment, to contact their friend lenja. i was really looking forward to seeing lenja the last time i believe being about 7 years ago. lenja is a old school friend of my parents from riga and upon coming to the united a few years following us, made his home in brooklyn. in fact when i met with him for the first time for a drink in mid town a few days ago, it happened to be the 20 year anniversary of his coming to the states.

my parents have a gift for attracting amazing people into their lives. kind, open, genuine, real people. this was clearly noted with they way our family was surrounded following the death of my grandfather. this trait they had engrained from early ages as seen by friends like lenja. my memory of him was that of a smiling, pleasant, warm man which was quickly affirmed when i met with him in mid town a few days ago. upon parting lenja invited me to come to brooklyn and see his home.

this afternoon found me getting of the b train sheepshead bay where lenja met me and took me for lunch and wine at his home. afterwords i was taken on a driving tour of that part of brooklyn. he was full of insightful information and funny story's about whatever block we were examining. he took me to manhattan beach where he day dreams about living, showed me the synagogue where he had attended services the evening before, and obliged me with my request to see coney island.  

story's of life, present and past were exchanged. both the board walk and the main streets of brighton were strolled. i am thankful to make a new friend from a very old friend.


A Fish Eye

did you know that there were dragons in the baltimore harbor and elves in central park? did you know about the secret gardens with pigs and gnomes that sit quietly in a city the never sleeps? did you know that i believe in love and laughter? did you know that everything looks more magical when viewed through a fish eye and imprinted on 35mm film?