New York State of Mind

the blue eyed man looked at me a few days ago and these wondrous words left his lips " i have to go to new york city for work. your hanging out in coffee shops and studying for you test. want to hang out in coffee shops in new york?"

so a 6 am flight yesterday morning found me in new jersey, a train ride, and napping on the 7th floor of the algonquin hotel just a block away from time square. the blue eyed one armed me with a train pass set out to see this city. i managed to get my bangs cut in union park, go to an amazing store called dijital fix, eat vegan food in brooklyn, find the rei in soho. pretty much i got to know the train system quite well.

first thought. man everyone in manhattan,  the locals i mean not the tourists, are thin and beautiful. everyone in brooklyn is so hip it hurts yet people are extremely friendly. the train system is much better then the cta. the whole city smells like sausage. i really want to shop in every store i see and that's saying a lot because i sure do hate shopping. i'm really enjoying this city.

i have not been here since i was a small child.  my father reminded me of a giant lolly pop that i once ate here... prob my only memory of the trip. this city is bustling and has a beat. the amount of people is just astonishing and i find myself just gawking often. you would think that i would be use to this amount of people living in chicago, but here it feels like ten fold and everywhere. chicago has it's spots, mainly touristy or hip which are pretty crowded, but here it feels like everywhere is really just like this all the time.

it was also a treat to get to see my friend jake la botz for a late lunch today. well i don't want to get to chatty. this city speaks for itself. i want to go everywhere, i want to do everything, all at once.

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