Fix #1

so i received my first stitch fix and a few of you wanted to know what i thought of it. i figured i would put it in a blog post.

what i asked for: a pair of dark jeans where the color won't fade after a few washes, tops to ware with jeans or tuck into skirts, a pencil skirt.

what i got:
19 copper cathleen split-nexk tulip sleeve blouse (turquoise) $68
41Hawthorn moni stud detailed 3/4 sleeve blouse (dark pink)  $58
41Hawthron filbert 3/4 sleeve popover blouse (black) $58
41Hawthron jordanne a-line skirt (coral) $68.00
Kensie Jeans Johnny skinny jeans (navy) $88

Keeping the whole box would have been $240 due to a $80 price break

over all i was unbelievably impressed and they sent me the items i asked for to a tee. the colors were not ones i would have ever picked for myself but were stunning. I was a little worried that the jeans would not fit of the waist would hit me awkwardly which has been a big deal post c-section. however when i put them on i was floored. the fit was amazing.

i ended up not keeping 19 copper cathleen split-nexk tulip sleeve blouse and 41Hawthron jordanne a-line skirt because they were actually a little big on me. however i loved the color of both pieces and liked they style.

all the items are ones i would have never picked up at the store for myself. they are a little more "adult" then my usual style of dressing. this is also more then i typically spend on clothing. to sum up it was exactly what i wanted.  i hate shopping (yes really i find it super frustrating) and stich fix did an excellent job of making me look good and feel great.

i'm pretty excited for me next fix already

If you want to try it : https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3474047