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Well the farm sanctuary walk was quite lovely. i believe my favorite part watching people in their animal customs doing morning yoga. it was nice to see some many people come out in the name of compassion. 

here is some info about what they are working on now.

Current Campaigns
Across the U.S., animals raised and killed for food are subjected to intolerable cruelty. They are routinely packed inside factory farm warehouses, barely able to move or engage in basic natural behaviors. More than 9 billion land animals are slaughtered in the U.S. every year, and millions more die before reaching the slaughterhouse.
Farm Sanctuary confronts agribusiness on all issues affecting farm animals. We work to end cruel factory farming practices through investigations, public education, legislation, and litigation. Listed below are some of our key campaigns and efforts for farm animals.

Anti-Confinement Campaign
The animal agriculture industry views farm animals as mere commodities. This mentality has led to widespread institutionalized cruelty, culminating in the advent of three particularly abhorrent confinement systems (battery cages, gestation crates and veal crates) that Farm Sanctuary is working to eliminate through public education and outreach, legislative efforts and the ballot box. Learn how you can get involved.
Truth Behind Labels Campaign
A growing number of meat, milk and egg product labels suggest that the animals they came from were treated “humanely.” Our Truth Behind Labels Campaign educates the public about what these labels really mean when it comes to animal welfare and exposes misleading marketing schemes that give people a false sense of compassion. Learn more and get involved.  

Veg for Life Campaign
From former cattle ranchers to Hollywood celebrities, more and more people from every corner of America are recognizing that veganism is good for our health, the Earth and all animals. Our Veg for Life Campaign encourages people to make this important transition and provides them with the resources they need to successfully make the switch.  We also reach out to national restaurant chains and ask them to include vegan items on their menus, as well as encourage activists to approach establishments in their communities about doing the same.  Learn more and get involved.

Green Foods
As the undeniable links between meat, milk and egg consumption and environmental devastation are uncovered by science and find their way into the mainstream consciousness, more and more people are learning about the importance of eating lower on the food chain and adopting a vegan diet. By introducing a Green Foods Resolution in your city or town, you can create a media platform for these important issues to be considered more widely and also influence future legislation affecting your community. Learn more and get involved.

No Downers Campaign
The No Downers Campaign seeks to prevent the suffering, marketing and slaughter of all downed animals (animals too sick even to stand or walk) through legislation and policy change. Learn more and get involved.


farm sanctuary tomorrow!

Simone Bogode

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Simone Bogode
Welcome to my Walk for Farm Animals page!

For 25 years, Farm Sanctuary has relied on the Walk for Farm Animals to support its life-saving mission to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassion.

I am walking with Farm Sanctuary to give animals a voice and to challenge the cruel practices of the factory farming industry. Please support my participation in the Walk for Farm Animals by making a donation today!
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