a day off

here's the truth of it.... i work a lot and make very little.
today was my first day off in a month. well,  unless you count the day i took off to go to the doctor to find out that i had viral bronchitis.

i have had a very emotional week concerning my job at rei. my supervisor pat has transferred to another store. pat surprisingly grew on me, a lot. every time i saw him i wanted to hug him and every time i heard his voice on the intercom i would crack up. i miss him terribly and he's a wonderful human being. also i can't really talk about this but we have lost our store manager tommy. he was one of the best bosses i have every had the privilege to work for and the entire store is in mourning. it feels like someone died.

furthermore i have said good by to my friend lauren who moved out of chicago on friday. mama be joy is packing up the fam and they are moving out to washington state. this has been a long time gole and dream of theirs.  i have become very close with her over the past two years and have known her for over eight now. the only relief is the fact that we will see them when we are out that way for the winter holidays. i can't wait.

so today was a much needed day off. it was glorious. k got me up out of bed much earlier then i wanted to get up on a day off. however i'm thankful he did so. we rode our bikes over to his neighborhood. i was grateful to have thought to wear boots in my sleepy uncaffeinated state for it was a cool and windy fall morning. we got some coffee at new wave which i haven't been too in a long long time. that's when i finally stopped being cranky.

next we went to the logan square farmers market for their last day outdoors. they will be moving indoors to the congress theater starting next week. i really enjoy the feel of an outdoor local farmers market. it brings the community together. it does not get any better then fresh locally grown foods and buying them from the farmers themselves. these are the people we should be supporting.

my favorite thing about a farmers market is the colors. i love seeing the color palette change from the start of summer into fall.

after that it was time to go support our friend jeremy karpen. jeremy has been a friend for a few years now and is running as the green party candidate for state representative of the 39th district in illinois. the 39th district includes logan square. elections are on november 2nd. i believe that il has never had a green party rep and it's looking like jeremy has a good chance at being the first. 

jeremy is a professional counselor and works as a supervisor for at-risk boys at mercy home for boys and girls. this is a residential home for these kids. he also volunteers at the center for domestic peace where he works with men who have committed acts of domestic violence to enhance accountability and work toward overcoming violent masculine gender norms.    

i support jeremy for his views not just due to the fact that he's a friend. he believes in education, green jobs, non violence, and marriage equality. "As a counselor and community activist, I believe access to quality health care, quality education, and safe and affordable housing are human rights. Families in the district need real leadership in Springfield on these issues. It is time for economic policy that invests in the people that make up our community."

furthermore jeremy is just a cool guy with lots of creative energy. it really showed today. we had a green ride... or a political mass if you will. when was the last time you saw a political candidate riding a bike with a group of their constituents around their district? that's right.      

we all meet up at the logan square monument in the middle of logan. this is one of the more prominent monuments in the district. this really amazing mariachi band called mexico viva got us pumped up and sent us on our way. there is a lot of mexican heritage in the district and it was quite powerful to see them performing in front of the monument.


 that would be me in the hood

im pretty bummed that my camera batteries died on me during his speech. 

did i mention that it was halloween? it's getting late and im getting sleepy. i will have to tell you about the rest of my day in the next post. my eyes are closing and words no longer make sense...... it has been a wonderful day off!

this is a mama kitty pumpkin k carved.

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