Day after Christmas hiking

i flew into portland very late christmas eve. k whisked me right away to white salmon. we were up warping presents till about 2 am. the next day was spent boncing back in forth between family and ending with a dinner with some good friends in their new house up in snowden. the next day i was stir crazy! i could not sit still for the life of me. not even my knitting could hold me. the solution was hiking. i had to go on a hike and breath some clean country air. my body needed to move! the banjo doggie bonces around happily and ran through the creek as we hiked around catherine's creek. it's a great place to go for a wildflower hike in the summer. ethan pointed out some turkey tail mushrooms growing on a log. he told us that they have amazing healing properties and help fight off cancer.  we picked a pocket full, have them drying out, and i can't wait to brew a tea with them.  over all the columbia river gorge was slightly rainy and misty and i felt like a little fairy frolicking.   



  1. Is this where Kevin is from? How did he ever manage to leave???!!!

  2. yea isn't it amazing. The Columbia river gorge is so pretty! Im a lucky girl in the fact that he decided to leave thought.