boards on mt hood

k has been watching the snow report and man did he pick a great day to go out to the mountain. on  the 45 min drive we had breathtaking views of the mountain peak. when we finally reached mt hood  we were rearing to go! k had worked as a ski lift operate at mt hood when he was in high school. i had been up to the slopes a few times and really enjoy the ski resort.  i find the riding as nice as vale, although my father won't believe me, but of course vale has a much more impressive village.  we had also been hiking with friends in mt hood national forest at lost lake in the summer time.

so we could not have had a better day up on the slops. the past twp days were snowing and there was about 2 feet of fresh powder but the sky had cleared up and the sun was out. perfect.

well almost perfect. i have been struggling with my boots for as long as i can remember. i got about 3 1/2-4 hours out of them before my feet did me in. i was back to the loge with my tofurky sandwich, a cup of tea and my knitting. k went out to do a few runs by himself. he's a much better snow boarder then i am and i was glad he got to go play without me holding him back.

our friend ricky b is also working up at mt hood for the winter while he is on break from grad school. he's in charge of parking and transportation up there. k came in to eat some food around 3:30 and got a call from ricky b that he was off work. ricky, his brother, and another friend were about to go riding and invited k to join them. so k went back out with the boys and had a great time! im so glad he got some great riding in. then they all came in the loge and we all hung out together for a min there. k and i finally hit the road down the mountain around 7 pm. the guys went back out for more riding. 

 the image above was my view from the logde where i sat and knitted a hat

downtown white salmon washington

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