long lost images of costa rica

this has been a long time over due. one of the reasons is it has simply been to hard for me to look at these images. even now i can't look at them without crying.  everything this trip and this country was amazing. costa rica you have my heart. i almost feel like i left part of it and myself somewhere on a sandy beach of dominical. after this trip my life has changed so drastically that their are days i don't recognize it or myself. this is the first time i have ever had to stand on my own two feet so utterly independent and learn how to be ok with that. yet i miss the person i was in these images. six months can feel like a life time ago. k's life is also changed drastically for what looks like the better. he seems happy and health and living life. spending time with him now i see how far removed i have become and i feel like i barely know him. it's hard to swallow. more then anything i miss the idealized version of him that remains prominent in my mind.

hopefully i can get some more images up soon. these are all the one's taken with my point and shoot. k is in possession of all the dslr images, hopefully i can have a go at them.   



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