sights of yesterday

i would like to start posting an image a day. here are some from yesterday to get a jump start.

the day yesterday started off with me waking up way too early on my one day off a week. i had spent the night at a good friends house and it felt interesting walking up in a different space. her apartment is as lovely as she is with a hint of vintage charm.

after waking up i met good friends for dim sum  
were were stuffed and our tummy's were happy
well maybe a little too stuffed

the plan next was to go for a long bike ride, but we were too stuffed (i felt guilty so i made it up to myself today... nice long ride)
so we played ascension  instead. the board game.... not the app.... i fully enjoy being such a dork sometimes

lulu wanted to play too... but her paws would not let her

then i went to work for a training- one that was kinda fun. i like it when they make us do skits

next i went home to finish up home work and wait for a good friend to come in form out of town

said friend came in to town and we went to the beach for the sunset

then we picked up some thai food and some good craft beer and re-meet up with said dear friends from the morning and finished up the evening with suzie q becoming the god slayer

i spent the night at suzie q's and woke up to an early, but gorgeous monday morning.
i was so thankful for the coffee she poured into an rei nalgene for my drive to school

i simply adore my friends

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