skip the store

i need to get back up on my little soap box... go eat local food! i know i know you have all heard me rant about this before. the farmers markets in the city are such a joy. not to mention that where ever you live in this city no matter what day off the week it is, a framers market is not far off. why not swing by there instead of the grocery store you stop into for your evening fixing? unless your local store is the dill pickle do you even know where your store got that head of lettuce? what does it taste like? is it fresh and clean and flavorful? has it had all the nutrient frozen out of it for transport? how much did the farmer actually get paid for it? like i said get to a farmers market and support our local farmers. feed your body with living food.

every time i walk into a market i feel like a child bursting of anticipation on halloween. something wonderful is about to happen.

you know what i think it is? community.

please fallow this link to find the closest market to you.

my frequents are

green city

the below images were taken at the andersonvill market with susie q this last wed evening. nothing like hand made pasta, amazing pasta sauce,  fresh mushrooms, and a good friend to help you study for an unpassable final exam!

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