up from below

the amount of rain we have been getting lately is unreal. today it hailed again. I personally love summer rain. i especially love riding my bike in it with all my clothing clinging to me and my shoes making that squish squash noise. rain is soothing and comforting to me. when i am indoors and it rains i feel safe and comfortable. i use to really like to bake when it rained. i like to cry in the rain. rain is re-birthing, it washes it all always and starts out fresh. i like the smell of the air after a rain. i like to run in the rain.

more then i like the rain i like the light after the storm. there is nothing compared to that quality of light. being a storm chasing photographer must be nice. i like the star burst explosions in the sky    

today's storm as it rolled in. view from the window at work
the rest of these are from my home. i would have actually liked to have shot these with a real camera but that did not work out.


far from below how high can we go

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