Baby Book Case

while michael was out of town i worked on last min baby prep. on my list was some shelves to put all of the babies books on. i went to a few stores, looked at shelving but ultimately wasn't finding the right shelves that would go in our baby nursery area.

fast forward. michael magically gets back from being out of town two weeks early. one evening while riding his bike home he notices a lot of stuff has been left in the ally by sova. it had looked like an artist studio had gone out and they had left all their things in the ally. clay, paint, paintings, easels, a bike, computer parts, and wood. we always need wood.

the next day micheal came back from his morning run and stated that he was going to build his son a book shelf. the fallowing took approximately an hour.


i am blown away by his thoughtfulness, quick thinking, and attention to detail. the book shelf is perfect and more right then anything i could have found in a store.

that same day we also hung the curtain up by the babies crib. also hung up a present from a dear friend from her travels in napal.  good energys. it's all coming together and this child is going to be sheltered with so much love and support from amazing friends and family.

the fallowing day michael made me a gift. he came home from pumping station one with lazer cut owls for me. i will need to find a good place to hang them by the crib.

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