On the Day You Were Born

Tesla Ephim Una~Bogode
born on 16 July 2013
3:53 am
in Chicago, IL (US)
Cancer Rising
sensitive person and very attached to familiar surroundings
when encountering new people, friendly but slow to open.
once this little decides to trust someone, he will trust him or her completely.
nurturing self confidence will help to establish a generous nature.
sensitivity can makes it difficult for this little to take criticism or harsh words from anyone, especially loved ones. When he feels sore, he may withdraw into himself and avoid others.

Sun in Cancer
an emotional person who is sensitive to the subtle ways that people communicate with each other. emotional support from loved ones goes a long way, especially from mama.
a secret, quiet place that this little can be alone with his thoughts is essential.
home and family are of the utmost importance.
Sun in the Second House
love of security, being surrounded by comfortable and familiar things.
be aware of excess of the material
share little owlet it will increase your emotional abundance.

Moon in Libra
a lover of beauty, preferring not to focus on unpleasantries.
affectionate, warm and friendly, but you may overlook other people's faults.
peace-loving, charming
Moon in the Fifth House
expressing through feelings, which are very strong and vigorous.
lover of good times.
strong dislikes and likes, honest about emotions.

Venus in Leo
people lover and people love him.
loyal to friends.
strong sense of fairness and justice
love is strongly mixed with pride.
learning to compromise with others desires.
here again we see the importance of sharing.
Venus in the Third House
strong interest in the arts, theater or literature.
probably very close to relatives, for their love is very important

Tesla you are going to be such a good guy. I am so honored to know you.

Thank you to my dear friend Celeste for the birth chart. I'm glad my son was born on your little girls birthday.

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