35 weeks

it was important for me to go into the last stretch of the pregnancy feeling fierce and empowered. at times i have felt so physically and emotionally beat up that i have kinda lost my self. however i do not regret a single minute of it and all i can think about is meeting my son.

asking andrew to do the henna on my belly was amazing and perfect. he crafted everything in a way that made me feel more connected to my child as well as connected to the friends that have been supportive of me though this journey. among the tree of life, lotuses, oms, and the owl i felt less isolated and alone. i was part of something greater. andrew had such precession and focus that he didn't even notice my son fallowing his every move as he created a master piece.

thank you to marc for always making me glow.
thank you to C.B. for always being able to read my mind and understanding the essence of what i'm trying to say. thank you for  allowing me to feel empowered in the way you choose to capture me.
thank you to my body. please keep enduring. the journey is far from over.

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