promised fairytale eggplants

in my last post i was kicking myself from not photographing the visually striking fairytale eggplant....

we all know how i am fascinated with purple food.

the other day went like this.... i have been working seven days a week for a few weeks now. true that some days its only for about 5 hours or so but still it's seven days a week. random hours too. some days i work at eight in the morning and other days i work till ten at night. to help me out and just be a sweetheart in general k has been making dinner and having it ready for my arrival home when i work late. that way we can actually spend like two hours together before we both need to go to bed instead of that time being taken up by having to make dinner and such.   

so the other night for dinner k decided we really must finish up the rest of that scrumptious tomato sauce. side note: now that its gone i miss it so so much and need five pounds of tomatoes again so i can make it asap! so he recreated the pesto stuffed tofu stakes.

when i walked in the door the house was swarming with mouth watering aromas. the tofu was sizzling in the fry pan. on the counter sat two gorgeous fairytale eggplants not yet knifed. k came up behind me and handed me a camera and told me here was my chance to photograph them for my blog. he had read the last post. he actually reads my blog!    

i think he might be a keeper

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