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"What is Critical Mass?

Critical Mass is a bike ride plain and simple. The ride takes place on the Last Friday Of Every Month (in Chicago anyway). A Critical Mass is created when the group of riders comes together for those few hours to take back the streets of our city. The right of the people to assemble is guaranteed in the Constitution, and Critical Mass helps people remember that right. The Mass itself has no political agenda, though, no more than the people of any other community do. Critical Mass is open to all, and it welcomes all riders to join in a celebration of riding bicycles. Why? Because bikes are fun!

Sure, as with any community, you'll see people of all types. Some people see Critical Mass as a forum for grassroots political change. Some people see it as a protest against cars. Some people just like to ride. The Mass, however, is just that...a bunch of bike riders. You can drive a car the whole month and ride in the Mass. You can be an anarchist and ride in the Mass. The point of the Mass is the Mass, nothing more. Critical Mass has no leadership. It is a ride where no one is in charge. At any time, riders are free to leave, stay, stop, or even help out. Everyone is responsible for themselves and the Mass. Learn how to get involved!

Once you realize that, you're free to enjoy the exhilaration that is a large bike ride. It's quite a sight to be parading down Michigan Avenue with thousands of fellow riders, wishing pedestrians and drivers a "Happy Friday!"

Chicago Critical Mass is a community, yet it's also part of a worldwide Critical Mass community as a whole. Critical Mass rides take place all over the world each month, and Chicago is proud to join in to proclaim our love of bicycles. If you love bikes, and you want to show others how you feel about cycling, come join us!

For more information on the origins of Critical Mass, please see the excellent Wikipedia page on the subject.

 How did it get started?
It started in August 1992 in San Francisco when a group of bicycle commuters decided to ride home together.
Why is it called "Critical Mass"?
The name "Critical Mass" comes from Ted White's bike-umentary Return of the Scorcher. This video shows intersection crossing etiquette in China's big cities. Cross bike-traffic waits until it has enough riders, i.e., a critical mass, to push it's way through the intersection. "

Designed by Chris Drew, Maria Wohadlo for the September, 2010 Ride
 we sure did have some fun. believe it or not i have never ridden in a critical mass before. it was something i have always meant to do but would forget every month until it was to late. however it has been a big part of the lives of some friends of mine. some have even gotten engaged during critical mass: my friend Michelle Simon

if you guy read the article you should watch the video is really cute. i was unable to re-post it here.

well it was a blast. the same giddy feeling overtook me as it did with the naked bike ride. i have no idea how many people rode this last week.. i would say over five hundred. it was quit something.

what a really noticed was the pedestrians and the car drivers reactions. some people lit up and cheered us on. other remained numb. i wonder how these people go about their lives? something unexpected is happening to you on your friday commute home or where it is your going. and you remain numb? come on people embrace the unexpected!

i look forward to next months on october 28 for it will be a halloween ride. halloween is my favorite holiday! i adore fall. i just hope i don't have to work!

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