a little green

seasonal change is glorious and is best appreciated on it’s own terms. each season brings it’s own joys and heartbreaks and each is unique. over the past few weeks us Chicagoans have seen mother nature stretch out her arms, yawn, and start to shake off her winter blanket.

yet with the resent weather here (65 on friday then a snow storm the fallowing day) i feel that she is as unsure about the approaching warmth as me. as far back as i can remember i have been a summer baby. oh to run in long flowing skirts and tank tops, barefoot feeling the grass! this is the first year in my almost twenty five years of living that i will morn the conclusion of the winter months. 

these are things i will miss:

having to take a bath everyday because it’s the best way to warm up after running around in snow
heavy blankets
comfy sweaters
fun scarves
hats and hand knitted gloves
the twilight blue shadow on white snow
vegan hot coco
boots (however will not miss wet socks and cold feet)
twinkling holiday lights

i am not ready to put away my sweaters and hang up my scarves! i have heard many of my chicago peers complaining about what a horrible winter we have had; what short memories they have! the last few years k and i were forced to wear long johns all winter long. not true for this past one. in fact there were only two times i recall thinking “man it’s freaking cold right now!” even those were on self imposed, long unneeded walks from work to whole foods. we had a nice tame winter with minimal slush.

due to the weather change that last souper sunday was held this week. it was a wonderful way to get people out of their houses in the cold months and share some good food with some good people. thanks to everyone that made it a point to come out and make those nights so memorial for me.  i enjoyed those sunday nights and am sad to see them go, but am happy to be relived of the pressures of hostess duties.            

my thoughts turn now to the magic of spring and creation. what surprises will she hold for us all? about two years ago k gave me a wonderful blooming lily plant as a gift. lilies are my favorite flowers along with daisies and daffodils. my heart broke when the buds fell and the plant dried up and disappeared. we left the pot alone for the next winter. just letting it sit with few waterings and the occasional positive thoughts towards it. at the start of spring last year little green shoots popped up and stretched for the sun. i had a new little lily plant all of my own.
well this year appear to be no different and my lilies have started to raise form the dirt like a phoenix! springtime embodies the essence of life and i thank her.        

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