purple rain

shopping locally to support local farmers and small businesses is a priority for me. you could imagine how happy i was when the dill pickle food co-op opened right around the corner from k’s house. it’s a community-owned grocery store and, to me, it feels like portland, or. i do believe this is the first co-op of its kind in chicago. please correct me if i am wrong. it’s such a cute little store and carries a quaint selection of organic and locale goodies. to my further delight, their produce is seasonal which I guess goes with the territory for carrying local and organic.

for the month of march, one color is jumping off the shelves at me. purple. purple broccoli, purple beets, and purple potatoes are in season this month along with loots of hardy root veggies such as radishes, leeks cabbage (also purple), and eggplant (once again purple) and mushrooms. yum.

having the dill pickle just around the corner reminds me of living in italy. little local and fresh grocery shops are on every block. it is wonderful to swing into the shop on your way home from work and pick your evening meal by what is fresh.

i will certainly enjoy the month of march. let’s all just hope i don’t turn purple.

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