schneider & tiramisu

last firday evening, k had an opening at the Schneider Gallery along side argentinean photographer Guillermo Srodek-Hart.

we had been talking about his opening as if it would be something in the far future for so long and now it has come to pass.

i am so proud of him. k is extremely talented & hard working and this is quite the honor.

the evening was a whirlwind & the river north gallery stayed consistently and pleasantly  packed.

it was a great honer to see so many photo faculty from columbia college (where i got my bfa and k his mfa) in attendance that evening.

k with judy natal

it was beyond wonderful to have so many friends come & show their support. also my mother and father came. this meant so much to the both of us. the were so cute and brought k flowers & a great bottle of wine. it meant the world to me.    

i am a happy proud girl.

i can't seem to help myself & need to put in this image of our vegan tiramisu cake.

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