michael and i have been throwing around ideas for naming our new space. his current home is xtal and i have always referred to mine as my tower in the sky.

our new space needs a name. in all reality it can not be named until we have spent some time living there and it shows it's character to us. 

but the wheels are turning. here is where my head is and concepts i'm exploring.

we are both fascinated by alchemy
my brain keeps invoking the name archimedes (although aristotle will always be my number 1)
    the more i research  him the more the more drawn to him i am
    he just might be the right archetype for the life we want to build
the decor style we are shooting for is kinda a grown up steampunk, neo victorian, meets new england. 
     lots of raw materials, celebration of wood being wood and iron being iron. however light and not stuffy
     we will be constructing a lot of our own furniture for the space. 
archimedes represented as an owl
i freaking love everything owl
owls have nests
it's a loft! kinda like a nest. this is our nest, our safety, our shelter. 
i am fascinated as to how similar czech is to my own language
in hebrew sova means to eat and be satisfied. i'm going to build up a lot of meaning for that statement. overall 
      satisfaction and contentment. to want for nothing more. everything we need is here. 
i want to get a pet pig and name him archimedes

are you following my train here? thoughts? 


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