don't miscount the lives of spoons

after four years of photography school and three years of watching k go through grad school, i am sad to say that i have lost my taste for art openings. in fact, i relate heavily to Ellen Cherry Charles in Tom Robbins Skinny Legs and All. she fought her entire life to be a recognized artist and make it to New York City and her not so smart boyfriends puts metal wings on their mobile home and turns it into a turkey and suddenly he’s an art genius.  i related desperately to Ellen Cherry and clung to her for all my life as I walked on egg shells in the world that is fine art. much like her i had to give my romanticized vision of what the art world was. i felt her heart break of shattered dreams and she felt mine.  if you have been deprived of reading this book or any Tom Robbins for that matter please deprive yourself no further and fallow this link http://www.powells.com/biblio/17-9780553377880-0 . my favorite is still life with woodpecker. i still have my copy, a much  treasured gift from k.

stay with me dear reader for I do have a point and a happy one at that! on the eve of last Saturday the  23rd i went to an opening and had a splendid time. the show was at Barbara&Barbara http://barbaraandbarbaraloveyou.com . i enjoy this space, it is too laid back to be formal and stuffy and not laid back enough to feel quite like a hipster party. otherwise it’s a profoundly good mixture for professionalism as well as nice time to spend with friends. good conversations to be had and good art to look at. this particular show features the work of Helen Maurene Cooper, Jennifer Ray, Grant Ray (no relation) and Eric Bessel. Grant was in k’s year of grad school and somehow surviving that the two remain close friends and colleagues.

as always Jennifer Ray’s work was captivating and intriguing http://jenniferray.net .  i have always found her landscaped both mystical and taboo and calling into question what we find to be natural. please have a look for yourself.  

it must be said though, Grant’s images captured the heart and imagination for the gallery going crowed that evening. no I am not tainted by the fact that he is a friend it is just simple truth. http://www.grantray.com his work is highly intellectual as well intriguing and i will not be the first to admit that it goes over my head at times. however instead of that fact pushing me back it draws me in making me want to know more. the images become precious objects that communicate all on their own to me just as the object within them do.

oh the secret lives of objects like the  Can o' Beans, Dirty Sock, Spoon, Painted Stick and Conch Shell. for those of you that have read the above mentioned book there is your tie in to start of this blog. now it all comes together now and my story is done.

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