Nest Bed

in october when we were in nyc we went to a store called abc. a very eclectic amazing and very expensive furniture store. you could spend hours upon hours in there and leave filled with inspiration. there we saw this:

so we decided to build our own version. ours was also going to be raised up for storage underneath, have side rails with body pillow fillers. part of the thought of that was so if the baby sleeps in the bed he would not roll off.

a friend of ours provided us with most of the pallets we used which were in great shape. everything needed to be sanded which proved to be the most time consuming part. did you know that it's kinda hard to sand on a roof top in the middle of a chicago winter? the next challenge was finding an organic non toxic stain and sealant. i could not find a single one at a retailer anywhere in chicago land. the one's that homedepo directed me to all had huge warning labels that read do not use if pregnant. in this process i was saddened to learn that the greendepo chicago location had closed. that store was a godsend and i'm truly heart broken to see it go.

however from them i was directed to timber soy and bite my lip as i ordered a bucket of stain and a bucket of sealant right from the manufacture. turns out to be a good move. this stuff was amazing, had great pigment and was completely odor free. 

michael assembled the bed to be disassemble when we move. this was a good move since i think the finished bed weighs about a thousand ponds. 

it took us a while and a lot of love was put into it and our nest bed is perfect. it is the most comfortable bed i have ever had. i feel sheltered and protected like in a tree house. it is refuge. it was also just in time because it was starting to get really hard for me to get from the floor in the mornings. our project total was right around $300 blowing away the 2 thousand dollar price tag on the one at abc. 

nest bed is prefect. 


We also decided to add a head board with built in shelves.

and we had a finished nest bed

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