i have been wanting to cut more and more gluten out of my diet. i am not intolerant but i do not believe it is health or the best thing for me. however one of the major problems is bread. k hats most gluten free breads for the are too dry. however we went to a friends house up in snowden for a christmas dinner and she had baked some gluten free bread that was wonderful. when asking her about it i found that she used bob's red mill.

upon arriving back to chicago i decided to give it a try. my good friend amy had gifted me a rather nice bread maker when she moved to australia and it had yet to be used. well now was the time. i purchased some bob's and ground up some flax instead of egg replacer and into the bread maker everything went. i was not rewarded and instead loud angry beeps came from the bread maker. baffled kev, our friend tommy, and i messed with it for about an hour till i gave up, put the mix into a bread pan and stuck it in the oven which produced a terrible mess.

the next day after work i was determined, stopped back by the dill pickle picked up more bob's and got the bread maker to work. the problem.... i had the tray in the bread maker in wrong. it works amazingly and i was as giddy as a school girl watching it kneed the bread for me. i am so happy that amy gifted it to us!

i was really happy with the results. however i find bob's to be a little to expensive at almost 6 dollars for the mix. im very excited to pick up some chick pea flour and try experimenting with some from scratch recipes.

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