we chicagoans have been privy to some rather intense weather lately… go figure its chicago right? last friday we had winds so strong the blew out windows on the sears tower (no i will not call it willis that’s just stupid)  . really 77mph winds? i was out riding my bike in that.

well that might be the reason i started coming down with a pretty bad could the fallowing day. then i got k sick. so last night we were both in our pj’s, eating thai food, drinking herbal tee like some cute old couple or something, well minus the pile of tissues.

about half and hour before sunset the rain broke and we had the most amazing sky i have ever seen in chicago. i mean this sky would make a texas sky and a washington sky jealous. k and i ran down stairs and sat on the front stoop, pj’s and cups of tea and all. surprisingly the thick heat had not broken even after the storm. the images i took and that i am lovingly sharing with you do not do justice.


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